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Company Profile

Adarsh Motors is a leading Automotive Consulting platform found in 2001 for Used Bikes providing its customers to SELL, PURCHASE, EXCHANGE Two-Wheeler and also get Finances when required. Anyone who wishes to buy a Two-Wheeler and are not able to Afford one, we are a solution for your needs. Anyone who wants to get away with their old vehicles and get a new one, we are a solution for you. Need a bike but no finance? We are here for you too.

Adarsh Motors is known for its best in time Services, Low in cost and High in Quality products. Our portfolio includes all the dealership in used two wheelers across various brands.

We aim to give the Best Quality Bikes at the Most Affordable Prices. Across years, we have not only built a brand but also Trust and Relationships by giving the Best. We believe in giving True Value for used motor-bikes.

About the Founder

Hemchand Gupta - "Opportunities don't just happen, you create them with continous efforts, dedication and will-power". I have started as an entrepreneur at an age where I barely could understand what the meaning of a businessman is, but yes, all that I could understand was the business profits and losses. I could come up with every possible way to get that loss turn into profits with various methods called purchasing tactics, product display, pricing strategies, sales tactics or may be just marketing in the best way possible.

I entered the business in 2001, with bare knowledge about the business and today 18 Years down the line we belong to the list of Trusted Market Leaders. I did not start this business because I wanted to do more business but because this drives my passion. I get up and get back to my work everyday with that Vision in my Eyes and the passion in me.

With this I believe to Offer our customers not just a Bike but an experience which they take back home, an experience of Joy, Happiness and Fulfillment of owning their Own two-wheeler at best Market Price and Most Affordable Prices.

Brands We Serve

Location E.S.I. Hospital,S.R.Nagar

Location ICICI ATM Building,Balanagar